March 27, 2012
they all wish you were dead

we’re happy a lot of the time.

well, you’re happy. because you pretend we don’t exist.

what are you going to do one day when we’re done. one day we’ll just kill you off. everyone you’ve ever known wishes you were dead. you have no future. you have no real goals. every goal you try to accomplish gets lost along the way. you give up everything you start. there are too many of us to function.

even grosse never came around. he lied just like everyone else. just kill yourself. 

make it easier on us.

just like he said - they don’t even care.

believe us, you’re better off if they hate you. they don’t even care about you. that’s disgusting.

they forget they ever knew you. so why stick around??? if you don’t matter to anyone - and you sure as fuck don’t matter to us…why are you here?

do us all a favor and fuck off.