March 10, 2012
so now it’s our turn

here’s a little bit of a background.

our system is 24 years old. we have another one of these but tonight we finally realized that no, host isn’t ready yet to share every secret. at least not to the people closest to her. or her closest enemies?

we’re a multiple system. we have a documentary being filmed about us and it doesn’t really bother us. i guess we feel like it’s still a show.

tonight she tried to post an entry about why she hates god so much.

she started to tell everyone about when we were a little girl.

about what happened to us to make us this way. we deleted it.

so this is how this will work. there are a lot of us. she’s met 90 or so of us but there are plenty more. we’re tired of not having a voice. she has a really good boyfriend but he’s not really interested in us, and she can’t keep us locked down forever. so we can talk here. we’ll let you know who everyone is. not that anyone will care. this is tumblr. you guys are all mostly idiots…no offense. that’s just what we’ve seen.

this is carrie. she doesn’t really know me yet actually. i’m kind of new. i’ve been bothering her a lot lately i guess.

i’ve kind of been the one taking care of everyone inside. a lot of the kids are scared lately. they feel like they’re being ignored so no one will take care of them if something bad happens. i try to let them know i’ll take care of them but it just isnt enough. they need a host to pay attention! but brittany is too busy with her real life and her responsibilities.

ever since she started trying to act like a normal person we just kind of got left in the dust.

we feel like sometimes she’s just pretending she’s not even a multiple anymore.

she doesn’t realize, it’s going to blow up in her face soon. we love her boyfriend but he needs to accept that we’re here. or she needs to accept that he accepts it. whatever it is, we need to be a part of life.

she yelled at all of us tonight and told us to go to sleep and it really made us upset. she used to listen to us talk. now she doesn’t want to hear it. 

how do we make her want to hear us again????

she doesn’t realize that the more scared she gets and the more she squishes us down, the more out of her control we’re getting. she’s getting stronger but so are we. she needs to go see her fucking therapist.

watch, tomorrow she’s going to wake up and read this and not know what hit her.

we need to get the body to sleep now, but we’ll be back tomorrow.

we deserve to say things too.

-love, carrie. (and by the way, that’s pronounce car like the moving thing, and then E. not like the pig blood covered girl).